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Siding Installation & Repair

Your Source for New Siding

Hoffman Weber Construction – Omaha has been replacing siding across Nebraska for nearly 20 years. We’re confident you’ll be pleased enough with our work to wholeheartedly recommend us to your friends and neighbors. Throughout your siding replacement project, we will strive to win your total trust and approval.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

We start with the selection process. What type of siding will look the best on your house? We take into account not just durability, but also appearance. 

Consider Mastic Premium Vinyl Siding products. They feature a true-to-life wood grain with no painting or staining required. It can help reduce maintenance while keeping your home looking its best. Plus the advanced locking system means a tighter fit, allowing for a wind speed rating up to 165 mph. That’s more than enough for any storm.


Our Siding Partners

We partner with premium brands to provide you with the best siding available to ensure optimal installation.

Our Siding Installation Process

  1. Your New Siding Materials Arrive
  2. We Protect Your Property and then Remove Your Old Siding
  3. We Inspect Your Wall Sheathing
  4. We Install the Vapor Barrier
  5. Your New Siding is Installed
  6. We Clean Up Your Property
  7. Your Project Manager Does a Final Inspection


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